DT500 ZINE: – What is your background?

VITTORINO: – I am primarily a poet and a saxophonist, I play improvised music. I received my artistic training during the 70s in Rome, where I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts.

DT500 ZINE: – How had your interest in art begin?

VITTORINO:My interest in art began when I was only a child, looking at the works of the great artists of the past: Giotto, Michelangelo, Raffaello, etc.

” Already when I was only 4, I liked drawing very much, and the adults around me were always quite surprised by what I made.”


DT500 ZINE: – You seems like a funny person, what drives you?

” There are two souls within me, one dramatic, introverted and meditative, and the other sunny, childlike and melodramatic.”


VITTORINO: –  As years have gone by, the first one lodged itself in poetry and music, and the other in the visual arts.

DT500 ZINE: – Why comix -art is important to you?

VITTORINO:What I love most about comix-art is the language and the high potential contained in this communication. But, in all honesty, I must say that my view of this extraordinary universe is the view of a painter or of someone who, at any rate, still believes in painting.


 DT500 ZINE: – What is your source of inspiration?

VITTORINO:I draw inspiration from everything: day-to-day life, memories, dreams, art and everything that I get in touch with.

” I have the feeling that it’s not me deciding these things, though. I see myself simply as an executor, someone who obeys without making a fuss.”


DT500 ZINE: – Tell us about your latest work? Why?

VITTORINO:It is at this point an established practice for me: I work on different things at the same time. I just published my sixth solo saxophone album Breathing Strategies. I am about to finish my new poetry book, my sixteenth one. And I make drawings that originate every day from my imagination. I admit that I struggle to keep up with my vision.

DT500 ZINE: – What is your agenda today?

VITTORINO:Go where art leads you!


DT500 ZINE: – Tell us more about your copies in Your work?

VITTORINO: –  I don’t want to be falsely modest, but I think that I’m a good poet. I have chosen right masters ever since I was young and I have learned a lot from reading them carefully. I could name some of them, but they are really too many… Leaving out all the Italians, I could say, for example, René Char or Paul Celan. Or, among the Americans, Wallace Stevens or John Ashbery.

I love words. Words are for me physical objects that I can take into my hands, look at from every side and contemplate. As it happens with music, words come from the silence, from the depth of the soul, from solitude.”


DT 500 ZINE: – You are playing saxophone?

VITTORINO:I have been playing improvised music for many years, and I have had the honor of playing with great musicians such as Peter Brotzmann, Charles Gayle, Peter Kowald, Sergej Kuryokhin, Steve Lacy, Sabir Mateen, Evan Parker, William Parker, Gunther Sommer, etc.

DT500 ZINE: – What do you want to achieve?

VITTORINO: My only ambition is to establish myself (I never thought of becoming famous or something similar).


” The words of Novalis come to my mind… when they asked him what the meaning of his art was, the poet replied: “I am always going home, always to my father’s house.” I feel this great answer to be fundamentally mine.”


DT 500 ZINE: – Victorino pls tell us more about the place you are living?

VITTORINO: The mythical dimension of my existence is wholly contained in this town, which counts around 20.000 inhabitants and is surrounded by a beautiful countryside.

The myth is made up of specific and unique places where something that lasts forever took place. Where the adult meets the child that he used to be. Where the mystery of the origins renews itself with the promise of a revelation. I consider my town as a holy place. There is nothing religious about what I am saying. I am talking about the sacredness of life.”


DT 500 ZINE: – What are your future plans?

VITTORINO:In the coming period, there is the publication of a new album with the recordings of two concerts done last year (in Noci and in Brussels). Then the release of a new poetry book with my publishing house based in Milan ( Finally, there is the possibility of doing a solo exhibition with some significant works created in the past few years.

DT500 ZINE: – Thanx Vittorino, it is a pleasure meeting you!

Vittorino Curci_17