DT 500 ZINE: – What is the difference between a DJ/Producer and an ordinary mass person?


TRULS & ROBIN: – Music just happened as a natural development in life from working in record stores and starting to DJ at a very young age.



“We are ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for music.”



DT 500 ZINE: – Where did you grow up?


TRULS & ROBIN: – Oslo / Gothenburg. We both grow up during the early ’90s during the start of the RAVE-SOLUTION in Scandinavia, travelling between Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. 



“We were going to Rave parties and experience unity. Being a part of that movement defines us; we feel blessed and grateful.” 


DT 500 ZINE: – Silver times! Guys, what is your musical background?


TRULS&ROBIN: – We tried to learn some instruments before we got into Techno. Listening to the sounds used in Techno was all about trying to figure out how to do that?! It was way before you could download a sample pack in any style. You had to have a Tb-303 to make Acid, or if you choose to have a proper House piano, you must buy a Korg M1. It was much more expensive, and you had to learn the trade.



” Techno was the music from the Future, and we connected directly with it probably because it was not about one song telling you all the bullshit feelings. Techno was a tribal vibe that got you in another state of mind, and it was supposed to be mixed by a DJ as a tool to work for the crowd.”



DT 500 ZINE: – Techno vs classical music? 


TRULS & ROBIN: – The repetitive element that lets your brain stop for a second. This was in many other styles before Techno arrived. It is all roots in Africa, Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astatke, James Brown, and much more.



” It was the combination of Tribal music and Technology that gave birth to Techno. This spoke to us! I think that we all, deep inside, need this repetitive beat as natural as our ♥ beat!”



DT 500 ZINE: – What is Your favourite techno concept today?


TRULS&ROBIN: – So many can’t say one… The KSMISK and SYNC are what we are burning for right now. Truly & Robin is moving in a more” Space Acid” direction, and ROBOMATIC is pushing the Electro.


DT 500 ZINE: – we would like to hear more about the CYMOSONIC thing?


TRULS&ROBIN: – CYMASONIC is a platform on which we release a lot of music. It’s the brainchild of ARILD LOPEZ, our longtime friend and amazing DJ! He has us and CAMILLA LUNA on board so we can stand more robust as a team.



“It’s super good to work with friends to release records.”



DT 500 ZINE: – Guys, what is your mission?



DT 500 ZINE: – expose the beautiful people you are working with?


TRULS &ROBIN: – CAMILLA LUNA is our best friend and top singer. We worked on many different projects for many years. We also work with BROKKOLI, he sings on the latest ACID release on CYMAWAX. Maria barefoot is a DJ/Producer that we are working with right now, and we are planning to work with more musicians in 2016 now that we have a good recording room in our studio.


DT 500 ZINE: – Who is your listener, and what can he/she expect from you?


TRULS & ROBIN: – everyone! Anything!



“We started releasing under different aliases in 2015 to make it easier for the listener to navigate.”



DT 500 ZINE: – What was moving your engine?





“We try to start with a clean sheet when we produce in the studio and not pay too much attention to what’s going on” outside” often we improvise and let the unspoken musical communication lead the way.”


DT 500 ZINE: – What are your favorite tracks of newcomers ( your work)?


1#Uma – Cymawax (soon to be released)

2#Good bye my love – Fullpupp (soon to be released)

3#Pust – De Fantastiske (Trulz & Robin remix)



DT 500 ZINE: – How did you choose your sound composition? It is pretty varied…


TRULS &ROBIN: – It just happened we are too different people with a lot of music inside and could never just do one style. It never felt natural, so we ended up with this chaos of different genres of music. We even called our second Album, Kaosmatic, a double CD release.


DT 500 ZINE: – Who is your co-writer?


TRULS&ROBIN: – Well, we don’t put that much thought into titles. Often a song is called a number or a handy name referring to a synth or bpm of a track, and then when we release it, we end up with these weird names that make no sense.


DT 500 ZINE: – Dance Music Therapy LP is entirely different; tell us more about the idea backstage? 


TRULS&ROBIN: – We wanted to make an album you could listen to on the sofa and in a bar. The inspiration comes from within, and we let the music speak for itself.


DT 500 MAG: – Trulz & Robin Oslo 90 vs Oslo today?


TRULS&ROBIN: – Underground for the outcasts that were looking for like-minded. VS is Established, commercial and thriving for everyone.


DT 500 ZINE: – Are you satisfied with the creative pulse in Oslo these days?  


TRULS &ROBIN: – Very much so!



” I feel we are on the turning point of a scene that has been pushed to the edge of commercialism, and we are seeing more and more artists choosing the alternate route, which is basically back to what Techno once was without all the nonsense. We see more collaborations between contemporary music and Techno, which are great. I feel it’s’ time Techno is recognized as art among other classical music.”





DT 500 ZINE: – You are travelling a lot all over the land; what is the difference in the audience? 


TRULS&ROBIN: – Oslo is unique because it is small and capital. It’s getting to be more and more like any other big city in Europe, but not so many years ago, you had to play a very varied style as a DJ compared to a DJ in Berlin, which could play full-on Techno from the first record of the night. This results in a lot of skilled DJs. Then you have the ridiculous closing hours that give people a 1 to 2-hour party experience that can be strange both for the audience and the performer. But when everything works and you have a good night in Oslo, it beats a lot of other cities we played in.


DT 500 ZINE: – What do you do when losing inspiration?


TRULS & ROBIN: – Wait for it to come back. You can force it, but then you risk losing even more, and it takes longer to get it back.


DT 500 ZINE: – What is on your calendar? Where can we hear you?




4 Mars Trulz & Robin Live @ Dattera Til Hagen

11 Mars SYNC Impro jam Session @ Mir


DT 500 ZINE: – Thanx, and see ya guys!



Photography by Andreas Rød

Interview by Arthur Sopin

AD Downtown 500 Zine #fanzinestyle