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The dialectical nature of the human condition has been a topic of interest for artists, critical thinkers, philosophers, and anyone with a penchant for understanding humanity’s fragile yet powerful nature. 


While postmodernism aims to show us an irreconcilable and cynical version of the world, metamodernism pushes for the resurgence of a Hegelian type of philosophical discourse that captures the divergences between us in a more positive and dynamic light. Like the oscillations of a pendulum, metamodernism reveals itself through its simultaneity by juxtaposing past and present, destruction and reconstruction, and freedom and captivity as unified as one integral, absurdist narrative. 


The hero, or rather, meta-hero we are looking for, is a creative who can find their way through this paradoxical narrative and emerge with fresh, newly critical and ambitious discourses. 


Is this new critical outlook solitary, delusional and fragmented between two opposing poles? 


If you’re in doubt and thinking…



It is here that our very moment of inspiration begins!









Send your artistic name, chosen medium, website/portfolio and a short written proposal to

Your artistic mediums may include but are not limited to: Visual Arts, Performance Arts, Theatre, 

Spoken and Written Word, Sound Installation, Graphic Design, Sculpture etc. 

We are reviewing applications on an ongoing basis with the final deadline on the 2nd of March at midnight.


1. We recognize oscillation to be the natural order of the world.


2. We must liberate ourselves from the inertia resulting from a century of modernist ideological naivety and the cynical insincerity of its antonymous bastard child.


3. Movement shall henceforth be enabled by way of an oscillation between positions, with diametrically opposed ideas operating like the pulsating polarities of a colossal electric machine, propelling the world into action.


4. We acknowledge the limitations inherent to all movement and experience, and the futility of any attempt to transcend the boundaries set forth therein. The essential incompleteness of a system should necessitate an adherence, not in order to achieve a given end or be slaves to its course, but rather perchance to glimpse by proxy some hidden exteriority. Existence is enriched if we set about our task as if those limits might be exceeded, for such action unfolds the world.


5. All things are caught within the irrevocable slide towards a state of maximum entropic dissemblance. Artistic creation is contingent upon the origination or revelation of difference therein. Affect at its zenith is the unmediated experience of difference in itself. It must be art’s role to explore the promise of its own paradoxical ambition by coaxing excess towards presence.


6. The present is a symptom of the twin birth of immediacy and obsolescence. Today, we are nostalgists as much as we are futurists. The new technology enables the simultaneous experience and enactment of events from a multiplicity of positions. Far from signaling its demise, these emergent networks facilitate the democratization of history, illuminating the forking paths along which its grand narratives may navigate the here and now.


7. Just as science strives for poetic elegance, artists might assume a quest for truth. All information is grounds for knowledge, whether empirical or aphoristic, no matter its truth-value. We should embrace the scientific-poetic synthesis and informed naivety of a magical realism. Error breeds sense.


8. We propose a pragmatic romanticism unhindered by ideological anchorage. Thus, metamodernism shall be defined as the mercurial condition between and beyond irony and sincerity, naivety and knowingness, relativism and truth, optimism and doubt, in pursuit of a plurality of disparate and elusive horizons. We must go forth and oscillate!



Arthur Sopin and Andreas Rod 26.11.2017 LONDON